Urgent Buyers Defined

Who they are and good reasons to buy cryonics preservation technology and services now!

Following this brief sales discussion are current news items that all of us should consider when making a “buy decision” in signing-up for Cryonics.

If we had thought that aging and resulting death may only be a currently incurable disease or that the probabilities for an eventual full and complete resuscitation had been in question, then those “if” perceptions have dramatically changed. These new regenerative medical advances should now push forward our own decision window.

This sea change, for most of us, has of course now changed our internal computations and is much different than a terminally ill patient’s decision.

These recent developments in regenerative medicine compress the urgency for all of us to occupy the position of an “urgent buyer”. An untimely death for a younger person, who is not a cryonics member, means he or she will definitely be too late to the party; the party that will be our immortality.

All “urgent buyers”, when identified or qualified, must quickly be closed as they are the ones who, in a sales sense, are “under ether”.

They are motivated to act now thru a “call to action”.

That said, it is in actuality those that are wealthy or of substantial financial means and are terminal that are the real “urgent buyers” in the true sense of the word.

As they say, in the automobile sales business, these “urgent buyers” are in their 90-day purchase window and they can be readily identified.

The auto sales business is a sales focused and sales driven business (as is also the funeral, burial and interment businesses).

In the auto sales business, data bases are constructed to catch the “urgent buyers” by demographics, location, preferences, lifestyle profiles, income and household composition selects.

But, most important for auto sellers (“car guys”), is the statistics for determining this 90-day decision window. For that, sellers will need ownership history and a trade-in cycle profile. If you have always traded in the old car for a brand new model every three years like clockwork, then the dealership will know when to start pouring-on the sales promotional activity targeted directly to you. Car registration data as well as internal sales and service records will give that business a gold standard for identifying the most “urgent buyers”.

Like the car owner, we all are owners of our physical bodies and would relish the thought that we also could trade it in for a brand new model; our own individual “urgent buyer” profile.


Impending death, soon to be experienced, will determine urgency.

Overwhelming evidence of the high probabilities of resuscitation and regeneration, proven by medical advances, will determine urgency for the rest of us.

These are the “hot buttons” for the Cryonics Industry to use to close sales and increase the numbers going into cryopreservation on a yearly bases going forward.

As a seller of Cryonics Services . . . . . you must ask: Who are the “urgent buyers”? Where are they? What are the “buy-signals” you are looking for? What are the “hot buttons” that will close the deals? What is your “call to action”?

And, don’t forget to ASK FOR THE MONEY!!!

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