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Cryonics Asia, in all of its iterations, is in business primarily to make money for its shareholders. Our company, Cryonics Asia, is structured around two service functions; one a for-profit company and one a non-profit foundation.

You might think of these as two subsidiary companies being divisions of an overall holding company.

Our for profit company Cryonics Asia, Ltd will soon be a BVI stock company listed on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) www.bisxbahamas.com with eventual listing objectives being London (LSE) and Singapore (SGX) stock exchanges. Cryonics Asia, Ltd. maintains operating and administrative offices in Tel Aviv, Israel

See our Investor Relations section Cryonics Asia, Inc.

The Cryonics Foundation Asia, Inc.www.cryonicasia.org is registered in Hong Kong as a non-profit and comes under the legal jurisdiction of Hong Kong and Hong Kong non-profits legislation. All of our non-profit operations are conducted out of our Hong Kong office.

Revenue generating contracts may be issued from the non-profit company to the for-profit company such as competitive research funding grants and cases of charitable cryosuspension awards.

We feel that without a for-profit entity (Cryonics Asia, Ltd. www.cryonicsasia.com), the successful objective of an expanding patient cryopreserved population will be doomed from the start.

Strictly speaking, a single entity foundation, institute or society business model is a recipe for business failure and non-performance. If you could imagine that Bill Gates and Paul Allen would have organized Microsoft as a non-profit foundation or institute, where would that have left them; still a company with $67 Billion dollars cash on hand as it is today?

Non-profits of course do good work as they focus money raising efforts and attention on specific worthy non-profit projects and goals.

For Cryonics, that would principally include research funding, promoting favorable legislation and charitable endeavors. Not in supporting a small click of ethical zealots that do not want “profit” attached to their own immortality. Some sense of community derived from like intellectual and moral screening overlays should not find its way into the business equation. Who we all want to wake-up with, in 300 years, should be irrelevant; only an outcome from market driven forces.

When you try to wrap all other Cryopreservation activities within that non-profit umbrella, then bad things begin to happen to the most important task at hand; that of broadening and expanding your vitrification, preservation, suspension, and storage services and the need for growth in volume thereof.

For example, we view a distinct difference between the funding of research and lobbying for legal accommodation of, say, euthanasia as a social benefit (when it comes to Cryonics) and the provision of an end-of-life hospice resort service (which might include the sale of suicide assistance kits).

It maybe that the non-profit model is the only model that can function in the west because of perceived moral and ethical constraints, as well as, the actual laws that are in place. Taxation is also a consideration in the west for this business model choice.

We firmly believe, an end-of-life hospice and the Cryonics preservation and suspension services plus funding options must be encapsulated within a for-profit business model.

The cost of the current distortion has been greater than the perceived benefits.

This is the essential difference between the business failure of other Cryonics service providers over the years (principally in the USA) and what we know we will be able to achieve here in the Asian Market.

Rapid response and the delay between time of “death” and start of procedures, Ischemic injury, transportation, storage as well as immigration issues preclude most Asians from ever considering this potential immortality option. The West being a distant time constrained option.

If you are surely going to die, why suffer the final 3 to 4 days on a heroin drip and compromise your cryopreservation outcome? We envision the possibility of vitrification to commence prior to the current legally determined clinical death. An unmentionable?

The reverse events chain (West to East) could actually become the preferred choice one day. We intend to profit immensely from that change.

Our Due Diligence and Disclosure Responsibilities

If, as a company, we are selling the Cryonics Preservation Solution as a reasonably viable financial pursuit for clients (potential patients) or investors (potential stock holders) or members (foundation donors), then due diligence requires certain considerations and realization on the part of individuals being ask to commit valuable resources to some future conclusion.

Disclosure is a paramount consideration in planning and executing our business model.

As companies, either for profit or a non-profit membership foundation, Cryonics Asia, Ltd and Cryonics Asia, Inc. function under the rules of full disclosure as well as strong and verifiable trusteeship of funds held for customer and patient purposes. This would include the funding of patient cryonic preservation, insurance beneficiary payments under contract, lump sum full payment receipts, membership donations and funding of scientific research. Operations costs and financial sources and application of current and future funding will be audited and reported on a regular basis. The single key element of disclosure, in all cases of solicitation for funding of company operations, including patient preservation performance costs, would be the probability that "Cryonics will work" (see: Probabilities / Expectations)

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